No app required. You can chat with the browser of your computer or mobile phone. Don't trust apps, they will read your mobile phone privacy.

You can send text or pictures to your friends, or take photos directly on your mobile phone. You can generate a one-time link to your temporary friends, open the link and chat with you. You can delete your temporary friends and destroy your chat records at any time.

In addition to ordinary information, you can also encrypt and decrypt chat content with the password agreed between you and your friends. Anyone can't decrypt garbled code without a password. This password will not be saved anywhere. For example, the password can be the last 8 digits of your mobile phone.

The chat content will be destroyed immediately after being read by the other party. The machine will disappear automatically after 600 seconds. The unread information will be destroyed automatically after 24 hours. You can also destroy it manually in advance.

The server database is encrypted to store chat content, login password and other information.

The server database first erases the information in the same disk location with random characters, and then deletes the chat content to avoid recovery.

The website uses SSL for whole process encrypted communication, and hackers can't steal information.
A boss: I don't want to install chat App. They always steal mobile phone privacy. I'm really afraid of divulging trade secrets. Now open the BBC (Big Boss Chat) with a mobile browser and contact the secretary. It's too safe!

A boss: BBC operation is simple, the boss should use it! Although it's a little expensive.

A boss: Talk to others and don't want the information to be seen later. Burn it after reading it with the BBC.

A man: I want to confess to the goddess. I'm afraid if it doesn't succeed, the chat records will be published. It's easy to use the BBC.

Employees of a foreign trade company in Asia: when we talk about business with our business partners in Africa, they may only have 3G signal, and their mobile phone can only make calls, so they communicate with me on the computer, and I can reply quickly wherever I use my mobile phone. Such as office, taxi or home, you can also take pictures of goods. The BBC will intelligently compress the pictures, and their computers can see the pictures, which makes communication much easier!

An IT person: after testing, the BBC is a professional encrypted chat website. After the front-end information is encrypted, it is transmitted to the background storage through SSL, and the expired information is automatically prevented from recovery level erasure and destruction. It is not only cross platform, but also multilingual. People with global privacy and security needs are worth having.

Remember ID and password

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